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Asia Travel

The biggest problem with a trip to Asia is to decide where to go. So many countries with so many reasons to visit. Of course, there are marked differences between destinations and yet they all have the allure of the exotic.


China is a major destination with much more to offer than the Great Wall or the Yangtze River, although they are reason enough to head there. India has been honoured with the description of the “most colourful country anywhere” and that’s not just because of the famed Taj Mahal.

South East Asia has a different feel. The smiling and gentle people of places such as Bali, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Malaysia and the Philippines make a stay in any one of them worthwhile but then each has its own “list’ of attractions.


Japan, Hong Kong and Singapore, although well established and progressive offer both the old and the new and will always amaze.

So, the total mystery of Asia will not be experienced after just one visit but at least a glimpse of it will be revealed and a return there may be unavoidable.

Come on an unforgettable journey with the experts to Asia. Book some of our Asia tours today and begin exploring this amazingly diverse continent  ..  a land of mystery, legend, and a place where you can experience culture at its most magnificent.






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